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The most beautiful thing a women can wear is confidence

Typically at the beginning of every boudoir session my clients are shy and nervous. I mean, who wouldn't be when you're standing in your underwear in front of a stranger (kinda opposite from the whole imagine everyone in their underwear saying to make you feel comfortable lol). That definitely wasn't the case with the lovely Emily. She showed up to my studio glowing with confidence, and I LOVED it! Don't get we wrong, my favorite part of boudoir photography is to show every women how beautiful she really is! But, I believe that Emily's confidence made her images that much more beautiful!

We started her session off with the works. I had some fun music playing while Emily sat down with a mimosa and some cookies. She was then pampered with her hair and makeup professionally done by my stylist Chloe @beautybychloe. She looked STUNNING! Like seriously stunning. Emily rocked her session, she was up for trying all the poses and executed them all perfectly!

Thank you so much for choosing me to be your local boudoir photographer! You look beautiful!!!

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