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It was an editing marathon

A fellow photographer messaged me asking if I had any availability the next day for a boudoir session because she had come down with a cold and couldn't do the session. Luckily I did. There was a catch, the session was on Feb 12th and the client (Rayann) needed them before Valentines Day as a gift to her husband. I agreed and so I met Rayann the next day for her session. She was such a joy to work with and she actually made my job really easy. Not many boudoir clients come in and just naturally flow to look beautiful and sexy without lots of direction which made it so I had more images in her gallery than I think I've ever had. I only had to give minimal direction to Rayann, she was just a natural. We had a blast during her session to where she said she felt confident and beautiful, which is my #1 goal! The next day I sat down to edit her galley, 11, yes 11 straight hours later I was finished editing her images. Not only was Rayann beyond in love with her gallery, but her husband was beyond smitten with them as well to where they purchases every single one of the 40+ images in her gallery. Now thats what I call a successful session!!!

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