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A stunning mommy to be

I've been waiting to do this session for months! Previously I wrote a blog about Cammie and Ben with their baby announcement photography session for their rainbow baby. Cammie is now 32 weeks pregnant and she is absolutely stunning. Since their first session I have become good friends with Cammie (I love when clients turn into friends). Incase you didn't read my previous blog Cammie's finance Ben and my husband are friends from high school in which neither of us knew (small world).

I can go on and on about how amazing of people Ben and Cammie are, and how absolutely perfect they are for each other. I mean it, I rarely see people who compliment each other as well as these two do. They obviously haven't even met baby Jesse yet and their love for him is already unconditional. Oh man I can't wait to meet that little squish for his newborn session.

We decided to do her maternity session both at the Colleyville Nature Center and Northwest Community Park. It was extremely windy at both locations but we made it work. Cammie was such a trooper "hiking" through grass, trees, crossing creeks, and rocks all while 32 weeks pregnant just so we could get the perfect shot.

I asked Ben to be my helper with holding the reflector and to help toss her dress up in the air. To say that he was enthusiastic about both is an understatement. I mean it, he was over the top excited and thought it was the greatest thing ever! Cammie has told me that since the session he has been taking "shiny" things around the house and reflecting them off the light, lol! Between Ben's excitement and the both of them cracking jokes the whole time I had to take many "breaks" because I was laughing so hard and I had to contain myself. Over all this was a great session with great people. Now all we need it for baby Jesse to come so that I can snuggle him!

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