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Berry cute twins

Everyone meet the Berry twins Nolan and London. Yup, I went there with the title of this blog. I can't help it, I just love silly jokes like that, lol. I don't know about all photographers, but when I hear twins I get excited. Jennifer (their mama), wanted a vintage cake smash session. She had me already hooked at twins then when she said vintage I became even more in love! We held the session at my studio here in Fort Worth TX and this is how it went.

Mama and daddy said that Nolan would probably be the one who would be "over it" the quickest and that London was much more prone to participate. It ended up being the opposite. Aren't kids funny that way? Even though I didn't get smiles from Nolan he was all about the props and made great eye contact with the camera (which is hard when they're multiple people calling his name and making silly noises). London on the other hand was still awesome, but wanted nothing to do with me. Strangely towards the end she became my BFF as long as I didn't have my camera up, lol. Although I think she was just trying to get close to me so she could steal the toys ;) .

We got some shots of the two of them together and then individual ones as well. It's funny, even though they're twins these two couldn't have been more opposite. Nolan was all boy and getting into stuff and smashing it, while London was quiet and very gentle with everything, including her cake.

Did someone say cake? Who loves cake? I certainly know a pair of twins who do! Like I said above, Nolan held up his end to the name cake smash session. He dug right in, smashed, and devoured his cake. London was so sweet with hers. She ate her frosting one finger scoop at a time. Mama had to dig in for her before she started to get messy. Had she not I think London may still be scooping the frosting one by one and savoring every last gram of sugar, lol. I think this is one of my favorite cake smash sessions to date.

The Berry family was such a joy to work with and were so loving! Thank you so much to them for choosing me to be your Fort Worth Photographer. I hope to capture all of your families precious moments in the future and watch you grow. Happy 1st Birthday London and Nolan!

"You're off to great places! Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting, so...get on your way!"

-Dr. Seuss

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