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Beautiful Inside and Out

This is Chrissy. She is a wonderful giving person, beautiful on both the inside and out, and an amazing devoted mother to her little girl. She also happens to be one of my very best friends. As you can see Chrissy is 8 months pregnant with her second baby girl. Well, at least we think she's pregnant, it may just be too many tacos lol. Whether its a beautiful baby girl or a taco fiesta I asked her to model some of the many new maternity gowns I have to offer my clients. She happily said yes (yay)! So one night while her family was over for dinner I put her in a few different gowns and threw her in front of my camera for some shots. She took direction so well and looked flawless doing it! All together I believe she modeled 10 maternity gowns for me. I think we are going to re do some of them on location to mix up the theme and background. Her real maternity session is coming up in the beginning of October so be on a look out for those photos.These are some of my favorite shots from her spontaneous maternity modeling session. She is both a vision in red, and oh so pretty in purple! Let's not forget how AMAZING she looks in the maternity milk bath photos surround by fall colors.

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