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Bon Appetite!

Milestone sessions are always important. They document some of the most precious and memorable times in children's lives. This is little P and he turned 9 months old! WOW he's 9 months old already? Wasn't it just yesterday I did his newborn pictures and his mamas maternity photoshoot? I know I'm a broken record, but oh how time flies! We wanted to do something special, memorial, and unique for his 9 month milestone session so why not a spaghetti smash theme? Nobody said "smash sessions" have to be for first birthdays. Like most of my milestone sessions this one took place in my home studio. Before I even had the first shot little P was munching on the spaghetti noodles. He LOVED them! I can't say one negative thing about how this photoshoot went. It was pure perfection from start to finish. It also didn't hurt that I was photographing one of the cutest and sweetest babies I've ever seen! Bon appetite little P.

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