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Well this is new, writing a blog about...myself. Unless you follow my Facebook you probably don't know that I'm pregnant and expecting baby #2. After months and months of trying to get pregnant (with my son it took a year), I finally found out I was pregnant in June of 2017!!! When it comes to my photography I am a very patient person, when it comes to my own life, well not so much lol. I didn't want to wait until 20 week to find out if I was having a baby boy or a baby girl. So at 16 week I found out early. My husband and I were ecstatic with the news of what the baby was!!! Although to be honest we were both in shock because my mama instinct and all of the old wives tales pointed to the gender the baby wasn't.

Of course being a photographer I had to so some type of photoshoot to reveal the gender of my little baby boy or girl. I wanted something that you don't see too often but was a fun gender reveal idea. This is what I came up with. Let me tell you between the self timer, a grumpy husband who hates his picture taken (don't all husbands?), and a toddler who wouldn't stop eating the blue gum balls and staining his lips blue (insert exhale of the are you kidding me moment from myself), it was exhausting running back and forth 20 times just to get 3 great pictures. But all the running back and forth, grumpy husband, and blue lipped toddler were all worth it when the pictures from this gender reveal photoshoot came together to announce that we will be have a...

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