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Baby Dax

When baby Dax came to visit me in my home studio for his newborn photo session he was 8 days new and oh so tiny at 5 lbs 12oz. It was a huge difference from the 10 lb newborn I had in my studio the week prior. Thats what I love about newborns and babies in general, they're all different and no two are the same (even twins). Dax was an AMAZING newborn to work with! He barely fussed one tiny bit, only ate once, and had the baby fingers that newborn photographers dream of. Believe me newborns are not easy to photograph, but Dax made my job easy.

We started off with parent shots so. His mama requested skin to skin photos with him and his daddy and I just love how they turned out! There is something about skin to skin that makes my heart swoon. After parent photos we then switched to my bean bag and blankets, snapped some cute photos of his baby bottom and rolls (oh yes even at 5 lbs I can make babies have rolls), and once again his hands were so easy to pose. After some quick photographs on my bean bag it was time for props. Props were the main focus for his dad is prior military, he looooves baseball (go Rangers), and his side of the family is Canadian so I wanted to make sure to incorporate all three of those themes into 3 different prop set ups. Maybe I'm biased because baseball is my favorite sport, but those were my favorite and the burgundy and navy colors together to match his nursery were divine!

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