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She reminds me of Princess Belle

I first met Shannon on a local military wives page on Facebook. Her husband is Navy, mine Army. We planned on her wearing a few of my gowns for a mini maternity photo session. From the moment I met her and her husband at beginning of the session taking place at Northwest Community Park I adored them. Our personalities just clicked. She does some photography on the side so that gave us even more a little bit in common as well. From start to finish we were all just laughing at everything. I started her out in the dark mint/teal maternity dress and I instantly thought "Oh girl, this is your color!". She looked flawless! Her husband thought so too. It was adorable and so fun to watch how he was all google eyed all over her and how beautiful she looked (and she did)! It was so obvious that he adores her in every possible way and wanted to be not only a helping hand to her, but to anything I needed as well.

Then after some photos in the open front maternity gown I then put her in the yellow form fitting lace maternity gown. Um, I thought the mint/teal was her color. I had never been so wrong. Although she looked stunning in the mint/teal dress she was absolutely breathtaking in the yellow. I mean it, literally breathtaking. I think her husband lost his breath for a moment when he saw her. I know he was certainly speechless, and for good reason! She reminded me go Belle from Beauty and the Beast (if only I had a red rose with me).

While the yellow maternity gown was everyones favorite, no matter what color I put her in she looked amazing. She absolutely does pregnant well. Just look for yourselves.

Thank you Shannon for being such an amazing client, I hope to meet baby girl sometime soon.

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