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He is going to end up playing some kind of sport.

Baby Weston came to visit my studio when he was only 12 day old for his newborn photography session. He was a dream newborn to photograph! From start to finish he never gave me any fuss and let me fold and pose him in any possibly way I wanted without even a stir. He loved my warm cozy photography studio, especially when I had the space heaters pointed towards him to make him extra toasty. This type of newborn is a photographers dream!

Before I was told his height, which I believe was around 20" I assumed he was insanely tall because of how long his limbs and fingers/toes were. I was shocked when his mama told me his height since it was a pretty average for a newborn. Apparently his uncle has some serious height to him so I see a big growth spurt for baby Weston at some point. Everyone in his family plays soccer including his tall uncle who is working on going pro. Can you guess what Weston will probably play when he's older?

His nursery is done in grey and navy blue so this gave me the perfect opportunity to use my half moon newborn prop! Mama also likes the country theme so I made a newborn prop set up with a country basket and little red truck. They worked out so well together.

Although his daddy didn't attend Texas Tech he is a big fan of them so we made sure to add a shot in order to represent Texas Tech. I just love love love how Weston's newborn session went!

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