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They look like out of a magazine

This is the Hughes family. Kristi took advantage of the Fall mini photo sessions I have yearly and booked a family photoshoot at Northwest Community Park. When they first showed up I was in awe with not only how good looking the entire family is, but with how well their outfits were coordinated. Kristi did an amazing job putting everything together.

Not going to lie, sometimes family photoshoots can be a little hectic with multiple children. Especially younger children. This was far from the case with the Hughes family. Every one of them was so well behaved and charming! Even dad was into the pics lol. Little hank (3 years old) was such a little charmer and so handsome. He stole my heart from the moment I saw him in his little cowboy hat. This family could easily be on the cover of a magazine don't y'all think?

Thank you so much to the Hughes family for not only choosing me to be your family photographer, but for being such a pleasure and so easy to photograph.

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