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Such a beautiful addition

Say hello to sweet baby girl Lauren. At 24 days "old" she was one of the oldest newborns I have worked with. No worries though because even if a baby if outside of the ideal 4-14 day old age range beautiful newborn photos are possible. Miss Lauren did give me a run for my money at times though. If she wasn't wrapped up snug she just wanted to be held by her mama, Marissa. Lauren is Marissa's first biological baby, but Marissa does have two absolutely wonderful bonus babies who were excellent during their photoshoot with their newborn baby sister. Also Lauren's daddy works for the sheriffs department so getting a photo with his uniform and baby girl was a must! I think during that particular shot Marissa may have shed a mama tear or two. Thank you so much to this amazing family for choosing me to be the photographer to capture such a special moment in yawls lives! I can't wait to continue the journey with you and photograph all of Lauren's milestones along the way.