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In Texas we do BBQ smashes

The traditional first birthday photoshoots are done by babies getting messy by digging into a yummy cake. With Finley we did things a bit differently. I first met Finley at her newborn session one short year ago. I adored both her and parents right away. A few months later The Clancy family returned to me for their Christmas mini session. It's then that Finley's mom brought up the idea of a BBQ smash instead of a traditional cake smash for her first birthday the upcoming June. I instantly fell in love with the idea! After waiting 6 long months it was finally time for Finleys BBQ smash!

Whats a BBQ without watermelon, brisket, ribs, and lots and lots of BBQ sauce! Finley dug right into her watermelon. She loved it! After some adorable photos of her with her watermelon it was time to get messy...really messy. The ribs and brisket smelled like heaven and by Finleys reaction to them once she got a hold of them I would say they tasted just as good as they smelled!

It was such a joy watching her "smash" all of her food and how much she loved it. Finley got so messy that a bath was in order. Her first birthday smash session quickly turned into a smash and splash session. Just look at how much she LOVED splashing! Thank you again to the Clancy family for choosing me to capture such special times in y'alls lives. It has been a pleasure watching Finley grow over the year and I cannot want to wash her grow even more.

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