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My very own little lumberjack

See this little chunk? He's my little chunk. This is Emmett, my youngest son. As a cake smash photographer I see so many themes. I started planning Emmett's cake smash session when he was about six months old. I went though many themes before I decided on one. So, so, so many themes! I thought I was set in stone on a Candy Land theme, but then about 2 weeks before I did his session I decided on Lumberjack. Not sure why, but the theme was just calling to me. Honestly I think it's because I wanted a "pancake" cake so badly.

In the photography world there is something called "photographer child syndrome". Basically what that means is if you're a photographer, by the age of 3 your child is "over it" from always having a camera pointed at them and they refuse to take a serious photo. So if you think photographers have a million great photos of their own kids, you're wrong lol. Fortunately my sweet baby Emmett doesn't have it yet, ha. So while there were some tears (some of my favorite shots) during his session, the smiles and his love for cake trumped any and everything.

So back about this lumberjack session with the awesome pancake cake. Can you believe that it's a real cake? My baker at Frick' n Sweet bakery creates some amazing things! As far as the set up goes it was simple but oh so fun. Did you know that not only are all of my cake smash sessions are not only customized, but that I hand make many of my props? For example the A frame tent in this session I made with just some material, stain, and rods. All from Hobby Lobby.

So if you're looking for your own customized cake smash session for your sweet baby I would love to create something amazing for you!

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