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She FINALLY did it!

While empowering, boudoir photo sessions can be nerve wracking! For years my hair and makeup artist has done hair and makeup for dozens of my boudoir clients. Each and every boudoir session she has told me about how she wants to book a boudoir shoot for herself. "Someday I'll do it", "When I get in better shape I really want to", and "Okay next time I'll probably do one" (she didn't). But regardless of me thinking and telling her how beautiful she was, she just wasn't ready, and that was okay. When she was ready she knew where to find me. Then FINALLY she said "Why do I keep putting it off? Lets book a date!"

Man oh man I was excited! For years she had put it off and FINALLY she was ready to do it. Was she completely happy with her body at the time of her session? Nope. But really is any women completely happy with their own body? I know my hand isn't raised. But regardless she knew her husband would love them as a gift (spoiler alert, he LOVED them), so she went ahead and let me take the photos.

Like I mentioned above a boudoir photoshoot can be nerve wracking. Chloe was a bit nervous and we weren't even close to strangers so it didn't have anything to do with that. But after a few minutes, some awesome music, laughter, and of course chocolate and mimosas. She relaxed and KILLED her photoshoot. Like seriously killed it. I could tell that she was having fun. She wasn't thinking about oh I wish my stomach was smaller, or my butt was bigger. Because her mind had turned to a different train of thought when I showed her the back of my camera. She looked and said "Oh damn thats me?!" YES! it was her, but it was her through my eyes. Me and everyone else's.

Even for just a moment she stopped being so critical of herself (just like how every women is), and she embraced her beauty. I hav and will always say that confidence is the sexiest thing a women can wear. That, THAT, is why I love shooting boudoir so much! At the end of the session she confirmed how much fun she had. How empowering it was, and how she couldn't believe she put it off for so long. Moral of the story (besides the fact that Chloe is a rock star), is that if you push yourself out of your comfort zone even if its just a tad, chances are it will really pay off.

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