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The Red white and Blue

As a military family the 4th of July is important to my family and myself. That is why patriotic minis I am a little extra excited for. Usually I do a model call for the promotional add whenever I have mini sessions. But not for these. This time I wanted to use my son. Many people think that because I am a photographer that I have "so many great photos of my kids". Well think again lol. My kids are just like any other. They're extra stinky when it comes to mom. Usually it is photos of tongues sticking out, eyes looking away, or the iconic "Am I done yet mom?" look. LOL! But this time my son was so amazing! He did exactly as I asked and yes maybe I am biased, but I think they turned out great!

For these photo minis I wanted to express a few things as to what make America so great! Freedom, pride in our flag, the beauty, and a child's happiness. The sun and weather was perfect for this promotional session. I of course still wanted to respect out nations flag, so I did make sure to use a long scarf and not the actual American Flag.

If you haven't guessed it already I have these photos in a large print sitting on my mantel. If you missed out on these patriotic minis, make sure to follow my Facebook page or subscribe to my email list to be up to date on all announcements.

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