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Shhh it's a surprise!

After Chrissy found out she was pregnant with her second child she started googling fun ways to tell her husband. She saw a photo idea and loved it immediately. Thats when she messaged me. I've been wanting to do this style session for a while so I jumped on board right away. We had scheduled the session at Eagle Mountain Park only 2 days away and she could hardly contain her excitement and almost told her hubby on accident a couple times. But can you blame her? I began their session as a "family session" with a few pics with all of them together, then I moved onto some couples shot. I told them that with every session I always have the couples stand back to back and write three things they love about the other. Then they would turn around and reveal what they wrote. Harley had written, "strong, beautiful, caring", little did he know Chrissy was writing "cute, expecting daddy of 2". Such a cute baby announcement. Was he surprised and excited? I think his expression says it all!!!

Thank you again to the Landis family chose me to be their baby announcement photographer. I can't wait to be both their maternity and newborn photographer as well :)

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