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Booking a boudoir session with me?

Hey Ladies! So you either have or are thinking of booking a boudoir photography sessions with me. Here's a little bit about what to expect from your photo session and some tips and tricks as well. I offer two different boudoir photography packages, the first is without hair and makeup, the second is with hair and makeup. If I'm running a boudoir mini special then it will include hair and makeup. I am partnered with a very well known, outstanding hair and makeup artist Beauty by Chloe, who can, and will, make anyone look flawless! When you arrive to my home studio you will be greeted by myself and or Chloe, treats, water, and mimosas (if you're 21+ years or older of course). I will also have music playing to help you get in the mood for photos and to help relax. I can almost guarantee you'll be as nervous as all get out, it's more normal to be nervous than to not be and that is completely fine! It is my job to make you feel comfortable, sexy, and beautiful! By the end of every session I've ever had, my client left saying she was so comfortable and was made to feel incredibly sexy and beautiful, which is what I aim for! Every women deserves to feel this way. I always say the sexiest thing a women can wear is confidence!

If you're not getting hair and makeup for your session you can skip this paragraph and onto the next. If you are keep reading :) . My stylist will style your hair according to your liking whether it's straight, soft beachy curls, or big Victoria Secret bombshell curls, and will do your makeup according to what compliments your face in the most flattering way. She is skilled with all hair and skin types of every shape, texture, and color...y'all she's good.

Wanna talk outfits? First let me say heels, heels, heels! Always bring heels. You don't need to wear them in every photo if you don't want, but they make your legs looks inches longer, make your butt and thighs sexier, and over all look amazing with lingerie. Closed toe nude or black heels always work best. Also I suggest knee high stockings, they just really make the photo pop (always make sure to try them on first)! Now on to lingerie, my personal opinion is every women should have at least one bra and panty set (black looks best). If you're a bit curvier and you don't love your stomach then I suggest either a corset or one piece lingerie. If you're choosing to wear more than one outfit then as far as what else it is thats completely up to you. I've had women wear baby dolls, corsets, sports jerseys etc. or you can go completely nude and/or cover with a sheet if you wish. Whatever you're most comfortable in. Just make to try whatever outfit your in you try many positions in it to see how you look and make sure you love it. Sit down, stand up, ben forward, ben backward, lan on your stomach, you back, your side. Make sure to check it all. Lets talk comfort, if you don't love it on in the mirror or aren't comfortable in it, then you won't love it in photos and it will show all over your face. Make sure you love what you're wearing. Try to avoid anything that is too small or too large (unless thats the purpose such as a jersey). You can find lingerie for $10 up to hundreds of dollars. There is no need to go spend hundreds of dollars on an outfit if you can't afford it, but try to stay away from the really cheap stuff. Cheaper lingerie tends to form/cling to anyones body weird when in many different poses. If you want the girls perked up then I suggest a good push up bra.It's best to not rely on photoshop.

Try to avoid tan lines or sun burns at least 1-2 weeks before your session. If you decide to get a fake tan please please please do not go in a tanning booth, I'm sorry but you will look orange in your photos. I suggest getting professionally airbrushed no later than 3 days before your session and no sooner than 7 days before your session. It's surprisingly pretty affordable.

Make sure you're well hydrated and drink lots of fluids at least 2 days prior to your session. It will give you a natural glow. If you wish to wax anything make sure to do it enough time in advance so that any reaction will be gone before your session. If you plan to shave, shave the night before and not the day of. Be sure to exfoliate well before shaving to help avoid razor burn.

I think that's about it. Please remember that I do not share any photos from your session on any kind of social media, portfolio, or advertising without your written permission. I hope you're excited about your session, or end up booking one with me if you are thinking about it. It's not just about taking the photos, it's about having fun with it as well. Every women should do this at least once in her life for herself, and every man/women deserves this as a present ;)


Melanie McCary Photography

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