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Welcome baby Clark

Previously I blogged about Alyssa's Maternity session when she was looking for a local maternity and newborn photographer. Now I would like to introduce baby Clark. Little Clark was given his name because his daddy loves superman that much! Isn't that cute?! I think if Alyssa allowed him to he would have made Clarks middle name Kent haha. Now, more about this little mans session. I get all kinds of babies in my studio from quiet or loud, to passed out or wide awake. It may not look like it from the images, but let me tell you that Clark was one of the most awake babies I've ever had. If he wasn't eating or snuggling with his mama he was awake to be a part of the party! None of my tricks worked, none! lol But in the end I had a small victory and was able to get a few asleep and posed shots :)

I feel blessed what the Leschisin's chose me to be their Fort Worth newborn photographer!

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