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Goofy is the best way to describe it.

After doing Crystal's maternity photo session a few months ago (which she ROCKED), she took advantage of an in studio special I was offering to promote my new photography studio, and I had the pleasure to photograph all three of her boys. Her boys are ages 5, 2, and 2 months so being a boy mom myself I know the session was going to be anything but boring. Well as the title stats, goofy is the best way to describe it. There were smiles, some tears, but mostly a ton of silliness and oh man did her oldest child have me laughing (see pics below). He made it so I was able to capture some of the best candid shots.

Silly candid photo
In studio goofy child photograph

Not onIy oh him but think we got some wonderful photos of these handsome fellas! I will admit, the goofy in the moment candid shots have actually become my favorite. Just goes to show you that even though things can sometimes be chaotic and not according to plan, with patience (from all parties) and a little bit of encouragement that you can still get some awesome shots. Thank you once again Crystal for choosing me to be your families professional photographer.

Two year old photoshoot

Big smile for Melanie McCarty Photography

Sibling kisses photo

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