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All she wanted was snuggles.

Sweet Sweet Dylen and her twin older brother and sister came to my studio this last weekend for her newborn photoshoot. She was a whole 11 days new when at the time of her session and was born at albs 10oz. Y'all she was the cutest squish with the most adorable baby cheeks! We started the photo session with sibling shots so that way her brother and sister could go play in my attached studio play room. They both thought their newborn baby sister was pretty awesome and loved her to pieces.

After the sibling shots miss Dylen decided she did not want her photos taken, like at all. All she wanted was to be cuddled and snuggled by anyone. While being help she was completely at piece, once she was put down well...not so much. Like with every fussy newborn I have I decided to wrap her tight which worked for a little while. Then she decided she was over that as well. She was one stubborn little girl, total opposite from her brother and sister who slept through their entire newborn photo session.

But after Dylen fought me for a while I won in the end. She gave up the fight and we were able to get some adorable shots of her posed in my props. It just took time, patience, and some baby magic. Newborns are so unpredictable during their photography sessions. Some sleep through the whole thing, and some are wide awake and fussy. Either way I love them all equally and will always get some wall hanging worthy shots!

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